Divorce – So Simple Your Kids Can Do It

Kids live in such a simple world.  Don’t you wish you could live there too?!

You are frazzled, running around trying to solve your adult world problems and what do kids do?  They look at you and in 10 words or less they sum up all that you are trying to do simply.

“Mommy, why don’t you just do it this way?…”

Follow some simple steps to keep you divorce on track...

1. Be sure!

Kids are so sure about everything! Once you step forward into your decision, run with it. Don’t look back.  It’s okay to have your moments of fear, or regret.  We all do.  Just don’t let them derail you.  Keep your fears and regrets between you and your confidante.

2. Be curious!

Their strong desire to know and learn everything drives them!  And drives us batty.  Return to that childlike eagerness.  Know about your finances, wills, assets, titles etc.  Find the old shoe boxes, and drawers filled with paper.  Scan, copy, and repeat.  Knowledge will empower you in the process.

3. JUST the facts!

When your trying to talk to your kid they get the information they want and high tail it out of there.  Do the same.  Be curious, gather the information you need and don’t linger or discuss the information until everyone is prepared for the conversation.

4. Know thy enemy!

Stand on any playground and you will immediately know the groups who are friends and enemies.  Assess your circles and know who you can really trust.

5. Sleep when your tired!

That's my two-year-old sleeping in an exersaucer.  Seriously.  When you are sorting through so much at one time, it is exhausting!  When you are tired sleep!

Kids keep it simple. We complicate everything. Try looking at divorce as a simple process.

And if that doesn’t work, lock yourself in the bathroom and have your tantrum there.  If kids can, you can too!

Ready to find out more?

I hope this strategy serves you well. If you are still not sure you can do it alone, I can help.  For a complimentary 20-minute consultation and I’ll show you how simple it can really be.

The Divorce Diva