On your path to independence, there are many new and old experiences that will form your future.  It will transform you, shape you, and be a lasting memory to reflect upon.

The goal of bringing a Divorce Planner to the table is to bring experience, knowledge, and responsibility. Guiding you with knowledge, empathy, and perseverance.  Providing you with the necessary intensity to come through the experience with clarity, satisfaction, and sustainability.

The vision for the Divorce Planner, Coach, Mentor.

Each person and situation is individual. We help you organize it, assess which process you will take, and partners you need, connect you to the information to succeed.  Minimizing conflict and maximizing your experience.



Your Starter Kit

This is where we begin.

Where we begin to identify your individual situation, your plan and how to get you where you want to be.  With knowledge, we inspire confidence.  Empowering you to take your future.

As we develop your action plan you will step into your new independence with confidence in stride.  Offered in my 5 hour started package.

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Some inspiring stories take time to build.

Before you commit to the change, or as you are first starting out on your own, or you have been at it for a while, you are looking for solid advice.

The option to work together on an hourly basis is available for you too.

We can start with the first 30 minute complimentary call!

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Next Steps…

Still not sure if we should know each other? Send me a note, provide as much detail as you would like and we will set up your 20 minute call.

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