My Perfect Life Today

Coming to this place has taken many different roads.  It has taken many different choices.  It also has taken so much work, personally.

Today my children are thriving.  And I don’t mean they are just happy.  I mean every thing I have had to work towards to get our footing is taking hold.  The report cards came home recently and both are doing so well. They are both growing so BIG.  They are both so happy.  Mommy is too!  Many days I wake up and think, ‘my life is so perfect’.  Who could ask for anything more in life.

How does one get here?  Through a lot of emotional growth and experience.  Take note to the signs:

Pause when you are afforded the time:  This last few years life has presented me with opportunity.  To slow down and take it all in.  Twice the universe told me so!  Both were when I lost my job.  The first time I went back to work after a 4 month hiatus.  Only to end up stressed out and unemployed again.  Take the time you are afforded to heal and recover before moving on to the next thing.

See what is important:  I am a single mom.  This means that when I am not okay, the kids are not okay.  So while I was stressed out and treading water, guess what.  They were too.  So during these times of unemployment I have taken the time to really figure out what is necessary.  Part of this is for financial reasons, the other is because it was time.  The lean times allow for us to evaluate exactly what we need and focus on it.

Let go of what is not:  It is interesting what you collect that you do not need.  I mean this in the physical sense, but also in the emotional sense.  During this time I have purged a whole lot of things.  We have gone into the closets, basement and garage and sold the things we were holding onto for the wrong reasons.  This helped with cash flow as we sold things and with cleansing of the unnecessary baggage so we could move forward lighter.

See the future for what it is:  The future is unwritten.  What is now, is not was is tomorrow.  I found I am frequently writing a story onto my future.  And funny thing is, once I write it into the future it happens.  So two things are learned – one, WE write our past into our future.  Two, what you write into our future is what we will make happen.

You can choose to write your perfect future.  Once you feel the power within yourself to write your perfect future you will find yourself waking up to more opportunities.  Its like the old adage – when one door closes, another window opens.  In this sense I mean when you let go of what was you allow for what is, and what will be.