Getting Divorced?  Becoming an Independent Parent?

Becoming an independent parent?...the process can be a challenge to understand!  Do you need a lawyer?  Or a mediator? Which laws apply to you?  Who do you need to have in your team for your divorce to be handled right?

The all too familiar answer is:  It depends.

On this page are some of the resources used as guides for your process. Knowledge is a powerful tool and now the knowledge is as important as ever.  It aides in reduced legal costs, increases understanding of each step of the process, and provides you with tools.

If you still feel overwhelmed I am available for a free 20 minute consult.

Department of Justice - Family Law

The Federal Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Look Up Tool

Spousal Support 

Child Custody / Parenting Arrangements

ABC Money Matters - Financial Literacy Program FREE

Legal Aid Ontario