YourDIVORCE Solution

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The decision to start a new life can feel overwhelming.  Through the YourDIVORCE Solution, we will work through the intake process, gathering your resources, establishing a plan, and supporting you through implementation.  This starter kit is 5 weeks working together.


YES! you can have a happy family

YES!  you can be successful and independent

YES! you can heal & be happy


What can seem like the biggest personal challenge, when broken down into individual parts can be overcome!  Success is available and ready for you.

Your sessions will be about getting to know you, your situation and what pieces you are struggling to understand.  The saying 'you don't know what you don't know...' rings true.  Empower yourself through education and advocacy!

The following sessions are dedicated around the pieces we have defined together through your assessment:

  • Terminology - it's a new world of lingo, you might as well understand what people are saying!
  • Understanding the process and timelines - this really depends, but its easier when you have some expectations
  • Expenses you might expect to see - and how you can reduce costs
  • Income changes and asset management education - Credit and assets are not treated equal, know the difference
  • How to manage your emotions: with your family, your friends, the school, and your employer, etc... - this is a big emotion to handle, you need some new tools
  • Managing your finances, home maintenance, parenting challenges, informing the school
  • Giving space for the grief process
  • Dating and relationships and the effects on children
  • RE-BUILDING a new life for yourself and your new family model

We will build new ideas, and traditions, self-care, and personal development and growth.  Work-life balance and deciding if additional tools, activities, or knowledge partners are needed.  The path is driven by each person's individual story, and we find solutions together

YourPARENTING Solutions

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Paths to independent parenting are by choice, chance or change.

You need strategies to organize your home and its processes, manage the family and yourself.   Figure out how you can get the much-needed break without breaking the bank, make goals and achieve success while still raising your family.  As independent parents, we are often short on resources (money, time, help, a shoulder to lean on, or ear to listen...).  You need to find the strategy to move forward with your life and balance the family.

We will work to make your life more efficient, productive, and satisfying.  Allowing for freedom, peace of mind, and satisfying achievements.

It can be hard to imagine!    In building our own family's success story, we know it's possible!

Let us set you on the path to success with the YourPARENTING Solution!

In our sessions, we will put together a strategy, set new goals and plan how we will master your unique situation.


$79 / hour

Wherever you are in your journey, I am here to help!

Parenting and raising a family is a challenge even for the best of situations.  Now with your new situation that probably wasn't part of your life plan.  Being an independent parent creates a new set of challenges, along with a new set of freedoms.

Maybe you need someone to help you organize and put into place a strategy to move forward.  Figure out where you need to go, what needs more research, find a specific resource or source a specific need.  This is where you can take advantage of my innate abilities and  desire to help.  To set you on the path to success!

If you aren't sure where you are or what you need in your process, we can work together on a consultation basis.


More about why you need me...

Designing your new life should be momentous and celebrated.

I have been there.  I will be there to support you with deep care.  Your journey can benefit from the knowledge and experience of my own journey.  Without judgement, without implication.

You will have me as long as you need me, with guidance, concern, driving you to the end goal of implementing your new life plan.

Next Steps...

Still not sure if we should know each other? Send me a note, provide as much detail as you would like and we will set up your 20 minute call.