TOP Secrets About Love After Divorce

Do you hate being the divorced, single friend on Valentine’s Day?

So there you are. It’s the Valentine’s Day after your break-up. Maybe it’s the third, fifth, or tenth year. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, you look at Valentine’s Day and what are you supposed to do?

Start building new traditions!

Take a new perspective on LOVE
We share a lot o love in our home. It’s familial LOVE. It’s sibling LOVE. Parent-Child LOVE. Friendship LOVE. All LOVE is relevant. No one love is better than the other.

Show the LOVE
Hugs, kisses, sure but what about that special look, sharing an inside joke, just sharing a laugh together! While getting an oil change, my kid and I filled the space with laughter. What better way to spread the LOVE and share in the joy? Everyone around us shared in the good feelings.

Treat Yourself!
Who said you need someone else to pamper you? You are best served to find the ways you can treat yourself. A simple bath, buying yourself that new mascara. Share the excitement of a book signing with a friend! Spread the love.  Treat yourself don’t be selfish.

Celebrate Your Self LOVE with Others
You will be surprised by 2 things. People love people that love themselves. When you let others know you are genuinely in love with yourself you will attract others who love themselves. You will also attract more lovefrom others. I promise.

Now you know my secret recipe to rocking singledom. Go rock your self LOVE!

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